The Crew



Jessica Lynn

I'm a mother of 6 handsome boys and 1 beautiful girl in spirit. My energy grows from the sources around me but my light shines among the healing of helping others. I may be blunt at times and don't mean to come across rude or oblivious to your feelings, but no sugar coating will resolve an issue or communicate to correct or solve a problem.


Joe Franke

Joe Franke is a veteran in the paranormal world, beginning his journey in 1986 as an apprentice, working alongside his mentors, renowned researchers Ed and Lorraine Warren.


Jennifer Lee

I work as an evidential medium. Evidential mediumship is a style of mediumship where the medium provides clear facts related to a person’s loved one that proves their continued existence in Spirit.


Michael Christopher

Michael works as an Evidential-Medium. Evidential mediumship is a style of mediumship that puts pressure on the medium to bring through extremely specific evidence to the sitter.


Rob Thompson

British Spirit Medium & Producer Rob Thompson has traveled the world enthralling audiences on both sides of the Atlantic. Over the last twelve years Rob has starred on the TV show ‘The Ghost Finders’ on AppleTV, Amazon Prime & The Spirit Channel.


Candi Howard

I am a very spiritual indigenous woman who has been in the paranormal field for about 15 years. I started out investigating and researching residential cases and moved into public locations and events in the last 3 years.


Diana Henry

Nick Sarlo and Diana Henry are both part of Shadow Hunters Paranormal Investigations and Events. Nick is the founder and lead and Diana is an Investigator.


Nick Sarlo

Nick Sarlo is a Ghost Hunter with 18 years of experience in the field. He had his first paranormal experience at the age of 18 and has been passionate about investigating the supernatural ever since. He currently lives in Lake County, Illinois, and continues to explore the unknown.


Lisa Silverman

Lisa Silverman, I am an intuitive psychic medium and an intuitive spiritual life coach, Oracle Card expert, pet intuitive, and Reiki healer. My energy work and practice with clients are done all over the world.  I have been working professionally in the metaphysical healing arts since 2015.  I communicate with loved ones who have passed over and your beloved pets.