Ghosts & Hauntings

Secrets Within

Presented by Reeni Rodriguez

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Friday 8:00 pm trending_flat 9:00 pm

The Afterlife, does it exist?  This is a common question asked by most, but why is it so secret.  Welcome to Secrets Within!  A show about all things paranormal, straight from the investigator’s mouth.  No fluffy scripting here, just raw paranormal talk about ghosts, Bigfoot, black-eyed children, equipment, and more.   Join us live every Friday 9/8c only on WLTK-DB Paranormal Talk.

Secrets Within crew


Reeni Rodriguez

Renie is no stranger to the paranormal and has been fascinated for years. One of her long-time passions is being a medium and further developing her skills. She also is a certified Reiki Master and Paranormal Investigator.

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