Team members

Station owner Todd Bates


Todd Bates

Todd's Passion is and forever will be EVP.  Electronic Voice Phenomenon (commonly referred to as "EVP") are spirit voices captured on a digital or analog recording device that was not heard with the naked ear.  


Missy & Nicole

Missy and Nicole are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the truth! They work hard to bring you the true news and current events and are sure to inform as well as entertain!


Stephanie Lynn

Charlie Lynn, I am a certified spiritual life coach and psychic medium who works to bring understanding and communication from Spirit to those who are looking to gain self-healing and understanding from their higher selves and passed loved ones.


Sherry Laffoon

 Sherry is an asset to the station and helps keep the backend in line.  She handles the day-to-day administrative duties and assists, station owner, Todd Bates with clerical duties.  You can find her tuning into almost every show on the station, but just like everyone else... she has her favorites, so ask her what they are!

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