The Crew



Diana Henry

Nick Sarlo and Diana Henry are both part of Shadow Hunters Paranormal Investigations and Events. Nick is the founder and lead and Diana is an Investigator.


Nick Sarlo

Nick Sarlo is a Ghost Hunter with 18 years of experience in the field. He had his first paranormal experience at the age of 18 and has been passionate about investigating the supernatural ever since. He currently lives in Lake County, Illinois, and continues to explore the unknown.


Lisa Silverman

Lisa Silverman, I am an intuitive psychic medium and an intuitive spiritual life coach, Oracle Card expert, pet intuitive, and Reiki healer. My energy work and practice with clients are done all over the world.  I have been working professionally in the metaphysical healing arts since 2015.  I communicate with loved ones who have passed over and your beloved pets. 


Benjamin Young

Benjamin Young founded Cross Country Paranormal in 2021 after he experienced a very personal tragedy that pushed him back into the paranormal world. With a passion and fire like never before, Cross Country Paranormal was born.


Terry & Danny

Terry and Danny are recognized members of the western Wisconsin metaphysical community. We both have numerous interests and knowledge in many different areas of the metaphysical/paranormal world and relationships with recognized professionals with some already known by your listeners.



Onae is a Tarot card reader, psychic, medium and pastor. raised in a family of readers. Onae grew up with a Tarot deck on her kitchen table and is raising her family in the same tradition.


DeeDee Moonflyer

Denise Miller, aka Dee Dee Moonflyer, grew up with very open-minded parents who had many experiences with UFOs and the paranormal. Because of her Mom’s insistence on exposing her to spiritual classes, meditation, and the teachings of Edgar Casey, Dee Dee has a fascination and deep interest in the paranormal.


Aumara Bonnet

Aumara Bonnet is a renowned Psychic, spiritual teacher, coach, energy healer, mystic and gifted visionary who taps into the higher realms to join with the vast collective of Source energy known as The Voice of Divine Oneness to present the Oneness Ancient Wisdom Teachings.


Todd Wilcox

Todd has had a lifelong fascination with alternative healing, consciousness expansion, and human potential. His first book Slipstream Shaman