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Stability of Commiseration

It’s here again. Withering, breathing life into itself. It knows it does not belong, but I fight to distinguish where to place it, or how long it’s been there growing and self-feeding. It happens so frequently that I have begun to lose myself in its promises, lies and manipulation. Sometimes, it really isn’t so bad, offering jovial perspectives and ethereal highs. Other times, well it robs me, stealing my joy, […]

todayJuly 4, 2022 54 4 2

Blogs by Steph


The Secrets that we Keep

Secrets, I keep them, you keep them, we all keep them. They don’t have to be dark, mysterious, or menacing, they simply are something we keep inside of us that is not intended to be known to others. Have you ever thought of why you keep these secrets? Why you want them to be unknown? I find, most of the time it is fear, self-disappointment, or the perceived shame that […]

todayJune 27, 2022 55 1