The YOUniverse with Rob & Steph

Presented by Rob & Steph

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Thursday 6:00 pm trending_flat 7:00 pm

British Spirit Medium Rob Thompson and Certified Spiritual Life Coach & Psychic Medium Steph Lynn & their guests discuss controversial opinions on day to day world events & POV’s from people within the Metaphysical & Paranormal community and their skeptics.

The YOUniverse with Rob & Steph

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Stephanie Lynn

Charlie Lynn, I am a certified spiritual life coach and psychic medium who works to bring understanding and communication from Spirit to those who are looking to gain self-healing and understanding from their higher selves and passed loved ones.


Rob Thompson

British Spirit Medium & Producer Rob Thompson has traveled the world enthralling audiences on both sides of the Atlantic. Over the last twelve years Rob has starred on the TV show ‘The Ghost Finders’ on AppleTV, Amazon Prime & The Spirit Channel.

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