The Producers Show

Presented by Todd Bates

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Sunday 8:00 pm trending_flat 9:00 pm


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The Producer show with host/station owner Todd Bates is designed with YOU in mind.  The show will focus on station updates, upcoming shows, guests, viewers’ questions, station website tips and so much more.  This is not your typical producer’s show as there will be laughter, jokes, and just play silly hijinks to be had.  After all, Todd Bates is involved!

Sit back and enjoy or even better, be a part of the show and post your comments and questions.  Sunday nights will never be there same again!

The Producers Show crew

Station Owner

Todd Bates

Todd's Passion is and forever will be EVP.  Electronic Voice Phenomenon (commonly referred to as "EVP") are spirit voices captured on a digital or analog recording device that was not heard with the naked ear.  

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