The Donut Run

Presented by Mary Paulette & Brandon Wainwright

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Thursday 6:00 pm trending_flat 7:00 pm

The Donut Run is a kick ass spiritual podcast with a twist, brought to you by two former police officers turned intuitives. Brandon and MP are out to normalize the metaphysical/spiritual realm across a variety of topics that will also feature guest speakers.

Brandon and fellow former police officer and Animal Communicator Mary Paulette McDonough discuss all things spiritual- from energy healing, to animal communication, to paranormal topics of all kinds, we’ll explore the spiritual on our weekly podcast

The Donut Run crew


Mary Paulette

My name is Mary Paulette, people call me MP for short, and I’m an intuitive and animal communicator based in Calgary, Alberta. Some people may also refer to this as being a pet psychic, animal psychic, animal medium, or even an animal or pet whisperer.

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