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Spirits Are Talking Podcast

Presented by Lisa Silverman

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Host Lisa Silverman of Spirits Are Talking will discuss all things metaphysical, spiritual, and interior design. This will include live on-air readings, meditations, reincarnation truths, pet intuitive readings, oracle card readings, reiki healings, crystal energy healings, and chakra balancing.  Lisa will offer interior design ideas, home healing techniques, and much more to enhance the energy of your home and office.

Lisa’s podcast will have various guest appearances related to healing and spiritual growth.

Ultimately, Lisa desires to enlighten her listeners with mind-blowing stories and realities that they can recognize and relate to in their own lives. The main message is that love never dies. It changes form, but our loved ones are always with us. We are spiritual beings with a body, having a human experience. Living on Earth is for our soul’s evolution, growth, and healing.

Spirits Are Talking Podcast


Lisa Silverman

Lisa Silverman, I am an intuitive psychic medium and an intuitive spiritual life coach, Oracle Card expert, pet intuitive, and Reiki healer. My energy work and practice with clients are done all over the world.  I have been working professionally in the metaphysical healing arts since 2015.  I communicate with loved ones who have passed over and your beloved pets. 

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