Energy Healing

Slipstream Shaman – Quantum Healing & Beyond

Presented by Todd Wilcox

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Tuesday 12:00 pm trending_flat 2:00 pm

The primary focus of Slipstream Shaman – Quantum Healing and Beyond is teaching people how to use their natural abilities in Quantum Healing. This is an opportunity to enter the Quantum Realm and develop your metaphysical gifts, expand your energy to improve your life, your community, the planet and beyond. It addition to Quantum Healing, we will cover many fun topics such as Bigfoot, UFO’s, NDE’s, Ghosts, Shadow People, and many others.

Slipstream Shaman – Quantum Healing & Beyond crew


Todd Wilcox

Todd has had a lifelong fascination with alternative healing, consciousness expansion, and human potential. His first book Slipstream Shaman

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