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todaySeptember 22, 2022 2

Stephanie Lynn

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Ever wonder about how you can develop or manifest your own intuitiveness? Have you wondered about your Spirit guides? This week we have answers for you as host Stephanie Lynn welcomes Grahm Wibstad. Grahm is an intuitive reader from Eyota, MN. He specializes in spirit guide readings where he connects with the spirit guides of his clients. The spirit guides then give insight and information into his client’s lives.

Grahm did not grow up born with any special intuitive gift, instead he learned how to hone his intuitive abilities with the help of multiple mentors and teachers. He believes everyone has the ability to connect with their own spirit guides. He has been giving readings since 2020 both online and at spiritual expos in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Canada. To ensure your questions are answered submit them to [email protected] or live during the show.

Tune in at 9 AM CST and watch LIVE on our website or on your favorite social media platform under WLTKDB or on Amazon Music/Audible at…. Learn more about Grahm on his Facebook page:

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