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This week on Be the Change host Kristina Bloom welcomes Lynda Hope. Lyndia has a strong creative energy that she developed through her love of art and music. She has performed in nightclubs, television and in concerts along with recording original music and illustrated children’s books. She also hosts Creativity workshops for parents and children. It was within this creativity she created characters that helped or hinder the creative process, these characters became the basis of her creativity book for her children’s series on Roku and Adult comedy short films. Most recently Hope founded with her daughter and her partner, a charity called Allume Foundation. Allume mentors’ children and adults to help foster and engage their creative spark. Join Lynda and Kristina for conversations about life and service to others, and the multitude of ways that we can be of service! You can watch or listen on LIVE at 8:00 PM CST. If you are interested in meditation and to learn more about Lynda check out new website You can also find her creative projects at

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