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Hello, my name is Pete Orbea and I have the pleasure of working in the historic town of Port Gamble. I love leading the popular Ghost Walks, Special Investigations, and coordinating the Port Gamble Ghost Conference which has given me the opportunity to develop my skills for communicating with and investigating the paranormal…

I became interested in the paranormal and spirits at age seven after witnessing two Native American warriors appear and vanish while on a road trip with my grandparents in northern Arizona. The intrigue of the paranormal was peaked again during my college years while working at the historic Egyptian Theater in Boise, ID which was a hot spot for paranormal activity.

While living in Port Gamble for a few years and getting to know many other people with a strong interest in studying the paranormal, I feel right at home in the haunted historic town. After joining the Olympic Peninsula Paranormal Society in 2013, I started to realize that I may be capable of speaking with spirits. I attended the 2014 Oregon Ghost Conference in Oregon City, OR, and had some amazing experiences with the paranormal including my first psychic reading ever by Seth Michael of White Light Paranormal Insight. That reading seemingly changed my life!

My good friend and mentor William Becker of Paranormal Insights helps me stay focused on understanding what I am experiencing when communicating with spirits. I’m also very proud to be a member of the Extended Research Team of PRI (Paranormal Research & Investigations) as a Researcher/Investigator.

Since then, I have been trying to help people through psychic readings and investigations in Kitsap County. I am so thankful for my family and friends who support me. Really…THANK YOU!


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