Missy & Nicole


Having been a bit of a rebel most of her life, Missy Hart has always had issues with being told what to do or how to think. In recent years, she has found that the information we are presented with daily isn’t necessarily synonymous with truth. Missy believes this misinformation to be a major component of the division we see today.

Missy has been working in the Spiritual community for over 15 years as an Intuitive Medium, Speaker, and Spiritual Teacher.  In today’s climate of division, negativity, and misdirection, she has been inspired to dive in and search out truths to share with others.

She doesn’t believe that this is about taking sides as we are truly one race, one people, and one collective group of human energy and consciousness where the vast majority want to live their days in peace and harmony. For Missy, this new venture is about inspiring change through thought. She believes that clear thinking and truthful information can help to conquer the divides we are confronted with on a daily basis. She states, “There is a push for hate these days. If you believe “this” or if you support this person or that person you are clearly the enemy. I have seen some of the most loving and inspirational people I know turn into hateful, name-calling, stone-throwing monsters on social media. It’s time we step out of the dark ages and shine some light back into the world”.

Missy is the founder of the SpiritEd Community and the SpiritEd Classroom, two online platforms to help support people through personal growth. She has worked with people both privately and in groups as an Intuitive Medium for over 15 yrs. Missy lives in small-town USA with her husband and two sons and she is a proud empty nester of one daughter. She loves bad words, junk food, and the little things in life.

A Human Recourse professional by day, Nicole Ford spends her evenings as a participation-trophy wife and mom with questionable parenting skills. This sarcastic Sagittarius considers herself an opinionated introvert with a knack for spotting bullshit and spreading positive vibes. And while she may not take herself too seriously, Nicole is extremely serious about putting egos aside to foster honest, engaging discussions that can change the world, one tiny-critical thought at a time.


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