Jennifer Lee



No Agenda

Presented by Mike and Jenn

Finally, a show about you, a show where your questions, comments, and concerns are aired for ALL to hear! You have an opinion and we want to hear it… Hosts Mike and Jenn have worked together for over three years and will provide you the best intuitive information they have… This show has no limits… this show has no boundaries… this show has NO AGENDA…  

I work as an evidential medium. Evidential mediumship is a style of mediumship where the medium provides clear facts related to a person’s loved one that proves their continued existence in Spirit. This evidence can include, but is not limited to, special memories, names, objects of significance, personality traits, and even beloved pets can make an appearance. My goal in mediumship is to relay accurate, compassionate messages from those in Spirt to their loved ones, to help facilitate the healing process, bring guidance if needed, and to leave them with the knowledge that there is indeed life after life.

In addition to mediumship and psychic guidance, I am a certified death doula, grief coach and mentor.

Aside from my spiritual practices, I am the proud mother of 4 and grandmother of 5. I reside in Northeastern Utah, where I have lived the majority of my life. I enjoy spending time outdoors and connecting with nature.

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