Cheryl Murphy



Seeing Beyond – Living Transformed

Presented by Kelley Eckhardt & Cheryl Murphy

Download our new show calendar and never miss any of your favorites! When installed on any calendar, this feature will list all of our current shows and links to watch them! Seeing Beyond: Living Transformed is a spiritual crossing of the “Threshold” to the world of being a truly expanded human being. Join Mediums Cheryl and Kelley, for conversations about discovering deep spirituality, developing your intuitive and empathic skills, and […]

people make life’s important decisions. As a psychic she is able to bridge the connection to your spiritual guides. As a medium she can put you in touch with your loved ones. If you have questions about: Starting a business, where your love life is going If your loved ones on who have passed are OK and know you love them How your pet is really doing An impending fork in the road of your life Use Cheryl’s gifts to help find your way. Cheryl comes from a long line of gifted psychics and spiritual mediums going all the way back to her Cherokee great great grandmother. Growing up Cheryl experienced that whenever her families gathered all the women would join in a seance. Today they still use their intuitive abilities to guide them in business, music, finding lost animals, and opportunities in the entertainment industry. Cheryl has integrity and sincerity about her work. Her goal is to connect people with their own light and intuitive abilities. Cheryl is Founder of The Healing Prayer Circle and member of The Mind Body Spirit Network.

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