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Tysons Gift Podcast

Presented by Brandon Wainwright

The Tyson’s Gift Podcast was created to promote the normalization of metaphysical/spiritual topics, particularly the reality that we are all eternal souls having an earthly experience. This will cover a wide berth of topics such as animal communication, mediumship, the paranormal, past-life regression, energy healing, you name it.  Former police officer and author, Brandon hopes to entertain his audience with fascinating discussions with experts, as well as everyday folks, who have […]

Brandon Wainwright is an animal lover, energy healer, and former police officer. Brandon is the owner and healing practitioner of Tyson’s Gift Healing Arts, which provides in-person healing sessions in Tallahassee, Florida, as well as distance healing sessions for clients all over the world.  He resides with his wife, daughter, two dogs, and a chinchilla in Northern Florida.

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