Benjamin Young


Benjamin Young’s interest in the paranormal started in 2006 when Ben’s aunt passed away. After her passing, members of the family reported seeing and hearing her. Out of curiosity and a desire to overcome childhood fears, Ben decided to jump into the world of Paranormal Investigating. At first, Ben “sneaked” into graveyards and reportedly haunted locations with a childhood friend. He co-founded Oakland Paranormal to gain a solid experience and become a reputable investigator. With Oakland Paranormal, Ben investigated numerous businesses and homes, and experienced everything from shadow figures to physical encounters. Ben had to relocate for his job and had to end Oakland Paranormal.


Benjamin Young founded Cross Country Paranormal in 2021 after he experienced a very personal tragedy that pushed him back into the paranormal world. With a passion and fire like never before, Cross Country Paranormal was born. With CCP rapidly growing, and his dream becoming a reality, Ben is developing a complete paranormal training program to teach people of all ages and skill levels about being an investigator. His passion is teaching and helping others whenever he can.

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