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Schooled thru Spirit with Host DeEtte Ranae and weekly guests to discover various forms for healing mind, body, spirit and variety of techniques to advance your gifts.   Join her as she jumps into the world of the unseen and be schooled by spirit, on your journey called life. 


DeEtte Ranae is a certified psychic medium, and a Master teacher of psychic and mediumship development through LWISSD. DeEtte was born knowing spirit.  She spent her childhood listening to spirit and simply knowing things.  In 2005, DeEtte began studying energy and became a reiki master/teacher. She found a love of helping those with illness live a more enjoyable life and for others, a return to health. She has spent the past 15 years developing her own style – broadening from physical healing to body, mind, and spirit. In 2013, She moved to the North Woods of Wisconsin and began a spiritual journey of healing and growth. She transformed her life through her studies of psychic and mediumship.  She found a love of working with spirit and became certified in advanced psychic and advanced mediumship through LWISSD.

DeEtte Ranae travels the country doing readings for gallery events, groups and individuals. DeEtte has become an international presence through individual readings and teaching those seeking to understand their gifts and expand upon the experiences they currently possess. 

DeEtte has found her life to be spirit led. Spirit schooled her on each step of her journey and continues to aid her in developing a passion to help others on their journey through the many techniques given to her. 

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