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The show Stacey and I will be hosting will be consisting of a combination of discussion groups. Having to do with different types of Cryptid Creatures and Paranormal Phenomena and different types of Paranormal entities. These discussion groups will involve other individuals involved in these fields as like Stacey and I are. We will be touching on evrey Cyrptid that is know about. In this discussion groups with others will be hitting on behavior of each entitly and creature, behavior and their possible intentions, research techniques, what locations the Cryptids and Paranormal entities may come from, thier first documented and famous sightings and cases, the "do's" and "don't" while involves in this type of research, oldtold taleaotakes onmon each subjects, more from native tribes from around the world as well as other things having to to with the subjects and much much more. But primarily what Stacey and I will be doing is holding interviews with researchers, authors, and others that have dedicated they're life to these subjects such as e have. Some of these individuals will beDbe specialists in one or two subjects while others will be researchers that concentrate on many aspects. Some even being researchers that research within both the fields we will be concentrating on the Paranormal half and the Ceyptid Cryptid half. Most of them will have they're own specialties such as Lost Spirit, Risudual Energy, Poltergeists, those who practice witchcraft, shanmanism, thwoeWthwoe while are demonologists among much more. I could go on all day but I think you get the picture, we are going to touch on it all. On the Cryptid aside if the things and those we will be interviewing, it is going to be the same way. We will be interviewing authors, researchers, those who have deidiicatws they're life to these subjects. As I said before, we will be touching on everything interviewing Sasquatch researchers not only from North America and the different types here but alsotalso different types from around the world, such as Orang Pendek, Marang Barunge, Yeti, Almasty, Yeren, Yowie, etc. We will also be interviewing those that specialize in Mothaman, Dogman, Lizardmen, Ocean Creatures and Lake Monsters, animals thought to have been extinct for years but have re appeared and found to be re discovered, as well as Thunderbirds and other flying Cryptids. Like I said, we could go on all day with this. You will not be dissalointed. We will be touching on the subject of extraterrestrials as well. And everything about them. And will be having in witnesses we will be interviewing with this field as well. There will also be subjects we will be getting into not only with the discussion groups but also with some of our interview that may seem controversial for some but, what are these fields without a little controversy. But you'll have to wait and see what we mean by that. I assure you you will not be dissalointed by this show. My wife doing a project together for has been something we have planned and wanted to so for a long time together. When we met Todd and he Interviewed us, we had a blast and worked very well him and think he does a fantastic job. So we know right away the project we had been planning and wanting to do for a long time togethher, was finally going to happen. That is because of Todd and this Station. We Lok forward to bringing you all a quality program and I promise you you will enjoy it. Stacey and I balance eachother out well and makke for a great show. We hope you enjoy it. Thank you.




Jerimiah & Stacey Fountain: Well growing up Stacey was always my childhood crush but wouldn't have a thing to do with me because I was a few years younger. Even though we hung around in the the same circles, I was still the younger guy. Lol. Yeas later we reconnnected and startined a close friendship. We both knew the fields that eachother had been involved I but not to the degree that we were. Stacey is what you would call a "white witch" she'll like me for using the term witch because she hates. It. For over twenty years Stacey has been involved in ivesrigations in some of the most hunted locations in the United States. She is so a medium and is very sensitive when it comes to her environment. She owes my mind everyday. Her abilites and knowledge in the Paranormal field are unbelievable. I have never seen anything like it. She is also a certified Demonologist who studioed under one of the most well reknowned Bishop's recognized by the Catholic Church. It is not my place to say his name. She has assisted him on numerous occasions. Stacey uses all he gifts fibthat if good. She can see things I can which helps me in my field. She is truly amazing. I Grew up from from the tim of a child knowing about the Sasquatch. Hearing stories from close family membera. Coming from a Native American background I realize know was a great benefit. As I believe natives have a certain connection with these creatures. I come from a logging family in the Adirondacks which my grandfather started in the early 30's where alot of these stories we're passed from family and friends of family. I had my first face to face encounter In 2000. Which even though I knew they were real,it still turned my world upside down. I grew up in the woods hunting, fishing and running around barefoot on the family land and had never seen one, even though I had experienced weird things. After my second experience in 2007, that's when I really started seeking answers. I needed them. So after some years of seeking answers ai conntacted several works reknowned researchers such as one in particular. I don't know if he would want his name mentioned, but if he doesn't mind, I will mention it in the future. Along with what I learned through my own experiences and what I was taught by other great researchers. I have become very successful in results I have produced and my wealth of knowledge is invaluable to me. I have had many more experienced throughout the years and interviewed hundreds of witnesses. Ran several shows, andaand groups as has Stacey. Between the two of us we have forty years of experience in these fields. And have been enjoying getting into others. The experience Stacey and I have gained in these fields and connections we have made will be be part of what brings you what we have promised you an awesome show. Stacey and I have crassoed trained eachother in our fields of speciality and both had experiences in both fields, and have been educating ourselves in much more. Like I said before, is a surprise. Lol. We also have worked many cases together and helped many people solved problems with "certain things." Stacey and I decided to give it a shot in 2015. I gotta give her credit for taking a chance on an old beat up College wrestler and MMA fighter turned Cryptid Researcher. And gotta admit, I didn't know what to think either, about being with a clairvoyant, medium of a white witch that could communicate with those who had passed on. But he knowledge some for itself. It worked out for the best, we balance eachother out and she has shown me abilities that I never thought I had. As far as being and empath. I could ask for a better partner Weibedkr teacher. And I think it goes both ways. From 2015-2016 we lived off the grid in the Adirondacks for a year and had a hell of a run as far as research which goes goes. As far as different fields go even beyond our fields of trade. We were married in 2017 and have been inseparable ever since. Which will make this program that much more interesting. We look forward to bring you all information you can use in your fields of choice and bringing in some awesome witnesses. We thank Todd for this opportunity and look forward to working with all of you at the station.