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The words “Haunted Voices” were founded by Todd Bates in 2002.  These two words launched frenzy in the paranormal community.  Todd decided to broadcast his knowledge to an international audience in March of 2003.  With today’s popular television programs, the need for this knowledge is in great demand.  Todd has taken a unique approach to today’s paranormal views and enjoys putting a comic twist on these views to entertain the audience.  Face it; the topic can be quite depressing at times.  With a one of a kind style from Todd, it becomes unique entertainment.


The long running, well known and popular show Haunted Voices Radio with Host Todd Bates, comes your way LIVE every Wednesday night 9e/8c/6p.  Do you enjoy the strange and unusual, the absurdly bizarre and hilarious, or maybe just some straightforward paranormal education?  Tune in Wednesday nights when Todd once again hits the airwaves...right here on 

The program covers just a few of the topics listed below:

Ghosts--Haunted Locations--Unidentified Flying Objects--Conspiracy Theories--Cryptozoology--Psychic Phenomenon--Paranormal Research Equipment


Chances are you'll find him in a mysterious abandoned home, walls yellowed by age and doors teetering precariously on their hinges. Maybe a murder occurred or perhaps a fire. Whatever the case, Todd Bates is on the scene for a singular task: listening for voices of the dead.

Electronic Voice Phenomenon (commonly referred to as "EVP") is spirit voices captured on a digital or analog recording device that were not heard with the naked ear at the time of their recording. For Todd, collecting this specialized evidence of paranormal origin is a life calling. After years of personally investigating the mysteries of EVP and studying under a pioneering figure in the field, Sarah Estep, he took his passion to the internet. Now in its 15th year, Haunted Voices has quickly grown to be one of the most successful talk shows on the internet. 

Television: Advisor for “A Haunting” on the Discovery Channel ("Sallies House” episode); WTHI TV (CBS affiliate) “The Ashmore Experiment” 2 day event. Appeared on WTWO (NBC Affiliate).

Radio: Todd currently has 15 years of broadcasting experience under the Haunted Voices Radio brand and enjoys discussing all things paranormal with his guests and audience.   Todd's radio hosting career began with Dr. Ed Craft of Magick Mind Radio (An IBC Network Program). He was offered a co-host spot with Dr. Jimmy Lowery of “Alabama Para Spiritual Radio” (APSR Radio) and was then given the opportunity to host his own live show on the BBS Radio Network where he discussed all topics paranormal. He has since appeared on The Man Cow Show, WTAY FM, WTYE AM Crawford County, IL, WZPL 99.5 Indianapolis, IN, X-zone Radio, Voice of America, and The Jeff Rense Show. Each has been a valuable experience to share his vast knowledge of the paranormal.


Marie D. Jones

, “Todd is one of the most insightful, educated and experienced radio show hosts I've worked with, and I have done hundreds of shows. As an author, it helps tremendously to be on a show where the host knows his stuff and is able to keep the dialog moving along. I would come on his show anytime and highly recommend him for any endeavor he undertakes.” 

Deborah Collard

, Author, Haunted Southern Nights® (colleague)
worked with you 

“I've known Todd for several years as we have both hosted internet radio shows. Todd knows how to ask the tough questions to dig deeply into the subject matter of his radio show guests expertise. That in itself is extremely admirable. I would work with Todd Bates anytime! ~Deborah Collard” 

Rick Hayes

, Owner, LifesGift, Inc. (business partner)
was with another company when working with you 

“As a guest on HVRN Radio, the respect, professionalism, and hospitality I receive each time from Todd and his Team are held with high regards and gratitude.” 

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