Monday Mornings 10e/9c/7p

Schooled Thru Spirit

Join host DeEtte Ranae for two hours of amazing spiritual and mediumship conversation! Listen and help develop your metaphysical skills.

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Monday Nights 9e/8c/6p

The Paranormal & Cryptid Show

Join hosts Jerimiah and Stacey Fountain as they go into the unknown world of ghosts, aliens, and of course cryptids.  These two know no boundaries when it comes to research.

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Tuesday Nights 8e/7c/5p

New Bridge Radio

Host Kevin Mackey brings you an amazing show packed with success and inspiration infused by his guests.  Tune in and see what comes next in your life.

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Tuesday Nights 9e/8c/6p

Haunted Voices Radio

Join host and founder Todd Bates for one of the longest running paranormal talk radio shows Haunted Voices Radio.  Todd discusses all things paranormal, right down to the little gnomes!

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Paranormal Pete

Host Pete Orbea is a paranormal investigator and psychic medium.  Pete interviews top investigators and authors that will surely pique your intrest.

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Wednesday Nights 8e/7c/5p

The Good Shit Show

Hosts Missy and Nicole bring you everything from aliens to politics in this amazing show.  If you are feeling good in a world gone mad, then this show is for you! 

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Thursday Nights 9e/8c/6p

The Afterlife Chronicles

Join host Nicole Strickland as she not only discusses all things paranormal, but also interesting interviews that dive deeper into the topic of the afterlife.

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Friday Nights 9e/8c/6p

Remember Me Radio

Imagine a friend or loved one vanishing into thin air.  Now imagine a team of mediums and  investigators to help bring them home.  Remeber me radio helps families find the lost and with your help, can bring them home.  

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Friday Nights 9e/8c/6p

Secrets Within

The Afterlife, does it exist?A show about all things paranormal, straight from the investigators mouth.  No fluffy scripting here, just raw paranormal talk with hosts Reeni Rodriguez and Robert Righi

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