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The Good Shit Show – Author/Intuitive/Life Coach Micki Abels

today July 22, 2022my_locationWLTK-DB Talk Radio Website

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This Friday on The Good Shit Show…Micki Abels is an author, intuitive transformational life coach, and meditation instructor. Her teaching memoir, My Soul Contract, published in January of this year is her life’s journey of personal transformation, self-discovery, and evolution. In her memoir, Micki shares her experiences of inviting the unknown while allowing signs and symbols to guide her soul to a world beyond the physical. She sharpened her intuitive senses to trust in the guidance of spirit and shares the tools and techniques she developed to explore and discover her innermost mysteries.

While writing her book, Micki quenched her desire to be of service by helping others navigate their own healing through her work as a life coach & meditation instructor.

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You can find her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and to keep up with her latest blogs, events, and guided meditations, visit her website

Her book is available on and

Begin July 22, 2022 H 9:00 am
End July 22, 2022 H 10:30 am
Location WLTK-DB Talk Radio Website
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