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The Afterlife Chronicles – Writer/Actor/Musician Natalie Zett

today October 20, 2022

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This week on the Afterlife Chronicles host Nicole Strickland comes to you live with guest Natalie Zett – writer, actor, musician, photographer

Natalie Zett wrote a book where the main character is not a person, but a tragedy that few have heard of: The Eastland Disaster of 1915. But what happens when you’re innocently investigating your family’s history, and the supernatural intervenes? That happened without my seeking or wanting this, and I file that under the “unintended consequences” category. Some things I learned from my book-writing adventures—when you awaken the dead, expect the unexpected.

Join them live on at 8 PM CST!

Begin October 20, 2022 H 8:00 pm
End October 20, 2022 H 9:00 pm
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