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The Afterlife Chronicles – Reiki Practitioner/Mentor Adam Gell

today September 29, 2022

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This week on the Afterlife Chronicles host Nicole Strickland welcomes guest Adam Gell.
Adam Gell is a retired high school physical education teacher working in the public school system for 30 years. He also worked as a landscape photographer, writer and documentary filmmaker. Currently he hosts his own podcast and works as a Reiki Practitioner and Mentor.

Adam will discuss the Akashic Records and share his journey and exploration into his own ancestry through the Akashic Records and Past Life Regressions where he learned that his present medical condition, phobia of doctors, and his distaste for striped clothing was related to his time as a doctor in a concentration camp during the Holocaust. Some of the points he will elaborate on include:

• Past lives
• Akashic Records
• Chakra / Sound / Shamanic Healing
• Our soul’s journey

Tune in Thursday at 8 pm CST on!

Begin September 29, 2022 H 8:00 pm
End September 29, 2022 H 9:00 pm
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