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Realm of Darkness – What Drives Children to Murder?

today June 30, 2022my_locationWLTK-DB Talk Radio Website

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Murders… Missing people… Mystery… it’s all here on Realm of Darkness.  It happens in seconds, it happens by sadistic planning, it happens in the passion of a moment, but it changes everything forever. Crime, tragedy it infiltrates society, but it also has been known to permeate our closest connections. What happens when it reaches that which we consider the most innocent? What happens when children become the murderers?

Tune in LIVE to at 7 PM CST to find out what drives children to murder, as Reeni and Ashley discuss the mystery, heartbreak, and psychology that surrounds homicides committed by the innocent, or as you may learn the not so innocent children.

Begin June 30, 2022 H 7:00 pm
End June 30, 2022 H 8:00 pm
Location WLTK-DB Talk Radio Website
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