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Paranormal Pete – Guest Randall Nickerson

today June 28, 2022my_locationWLTK-DB Talk Radio Website

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Ariel Phenomenon, we’re obsessed and like most, find ourselves looking to the sky for answers. Are we really alone? What lies beyond the darkness of the brightest star? What are we really seeing? This week Host Pete Orbea hopes to address this and so much more when he sits down with guest Randall Nickerson on episode 70 of the Paranormal Pete show.

Randall has been working in the film industry since 1987, first as a stage and film actor, before transitioning into cinematography, and ultimately into directing in 2001.  After several documentaries, he made the leap to his first feature-length film, Ariel Phenomenon. Watch this Tuesday, 10 PM CST on our website or on your favorite social media platform under WLTKDB.

To learn more about Randall Nickerson, you can find him on Facebook, Twitter or on his website at the Main website: Be sure to check out Randall Nickerson original photography, for sale on his website: Randall Nickerson Photography.

Begin June 28, 2022 H 10:00 pm
End June 28, 2022 H 11:00 pm
Location WLTK-DB Talk Radio Website
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