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Holistic Healer Rodney Blount

today February 23, 2023

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This week on The Tyson’s Gift Podcast, Brandon welcomes holistic healer Rodney Blount. This will be the first of a two-episode discussion in which Rodney will share how his incredible journey of adversity, perseverance, and love lead him on the path to become an amazing healer. In May, Brandon and Rodney will have a second two-episode discussion on the science of healing- that is, the common energetic and spiritual essentials for all healing modalities.

During early childhood, Rodney was diagnosed with two life-threatening illnesses and given a very poor prognosis. Doctors said that he was very unlikely to live past the age of 10 or become an active adult. Deep down, he knew that he would beat the odds and experienced no fear. Around the age of 11, Rodney started investigating the esoteric aspects of martial arts and experienced an improvement in his overall state of health. Ultimately, against all medical predictions, he attended college on a football and track scholarship. He studied biology and exercise physiology in an effort to round out his knowledge of the mind-body connection. Later in his college career, in the midst of a tryout with the Dallas Cowboys, a severe automobile accident and debilitating athletic injuries awakened and intensified Rodney’s investigation of alternative healing methods. In an effort to heal himself and return to sports and outdoor activities more quickly, he began to understand his passion for healing in a new way. Although he continues to study the latest techniques in mind-body medicine with leading proponents in the field, the alternative approaches to healing are what ultimately captured and maintained his interest. Over the past 45 years of his energetics healing practice, Rodney has studied with seven Eastern masters and gained qualifications in six Western disciplines.
You can find out more about Rodney on his website
Please tune in live Thursday at 6 pm CST (4 pm PST and 7 pm EST) on to learn about this remarkable man.

Begin February 23, 2023 H 6:00 pm
End February 23, 2023 H 7:00 pm
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