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Chat with Charlie – 2 HOUR LIVE Psychic and Mediumship READING show

today August 4, 2022

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This week on Chat with Charlie is our 2 HOUR LIVE Psychic and Mediumship READING show with the hosts of Somewhere in the Middle, special guests Psychic Medium Jennifer Lee and Evidential Medium Michael Christopher! You do not want to miss this! To ensure your questions are answered submit them to [email protected] or live during the show. Tune in at 9 AM CST and watch LIVE on our website or on your favorite social media platform under WLTKDB.
Jennifer Lee specializes as a Psychic Medium, Remote Viewer, and working with Cold Case/Missing Persons. She is also a Certified Death Doula and Paranormal Investigator. Jennifer Lee Intuitive Medium Website
Michael works as an Evidential-Medium. Michael believes in compassionately sharing his gift with others while also opening others to the gifts they too possess. Everyone is inherently intuitive and able to feel Spirit! Michael Christopher Evidential Medium Website

Begin August 4, 2022 H 9:00 am
End August 4, 2022 H 10:00 am
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