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Be the Change – Author/Life Coach Raphael Fourmont

today September 26, 2022

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Raphael Fourmont is an Internationally Certified Health n Wellness, Life n Spirit Coach & Mentor, Author of IT’S TIME FOR YOU TO REWRITE YOUR LIFE. A Corporate whistle-blower who advocates throwing away your T.V. for Being Present; he left a long career in television and a business analyst, to work for 10 years directly with powerful leaders in Spiritual Evolution, as a master instructor in Meridian Exercises for Self-healing, and Ki-Gong Energy.

Raphael works with Disillusioned Ex-Corporates who are having a Spiritual Awakening and Screaming for direction, and afraid of wasting more years and thousands of $’s in INDECISION. Raphael and his Partner Brenda live on a Permaculture farm in Northern Arizona where they promote living in Gratitude with Mother Earth and all her species.

Begin September 26, 2022 H 8:00 pm
End September 26, 2022 H 9:00 pm
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