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WLTK-DB Paranormal Talk Radio was established in January of 2020. Over the last 2 years we have grown not only in content but in reach. We take pride in bringing our international listeners a variety of hosts who work to bring them the most qualified experts and lead investigators on various topics. All of us at WLTK-DB Paranormal Talk Radio ensure that our guests and content is the most honest, raw, vetted, and relevant information possible.

While we are proud of how the network has developed and grown, we, like many free radio stations struggle to provide the extra’s to our clientele and to fund special projects as well as purchasing much needed production equipment, that’s why we need help.

If you are able, we ask that you help by donating to our station either by using the established GoFundMe Page or directly through our network page at

We understand, to well that times are tough and many of us are struggling to stretch our budget, if donating is not possible, please help support our network by simply sharing this page, our network page or by listening!

A full show list can be found at We have something for everyone!

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