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Mysterious Voice in Undisclosed Cemetery

Sherry and I went on an adventure one night to a local cemetery.  We found a nice quiet place to sit in the vicinity of a popular grave site and began to set up for a recording session.  After getting our devices ready, I started asking questions to our invisible friends and patiently waited for a response.  Sherry began to use her dowsing rods to communicate and was getting some […]

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The Spiritual Journey

It has happened to all of us or those who are here seeking answers. Well, this is what my expectation is and what I stubbornly assume. You are here because experiences and curiosity dictate it. Having tucked yourself into bed and having drifted fully into the arms of deep sleep you woke restless, in a room fully cloaked with darkness. The room of course is familiar, you sleep here every […]

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Dave Schrader on WLTK-DB!

Next week (May 23rd, 10 am Eastern) radio and television personality Dave Schrader will be on Schooled Thru Spirit, hosted by DeEtte Ranae.  The two will discuss Dave's personal and paranormal journeys, along with his most recent projects. You can watch or listen from our new website or looks us up on your favorite social media platform under WLTKDB. More about Dave Schrader Dave Schrader is a long time radio […]

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