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New Book by Todd Bates

After much debate and waiting, I have finally written my first book!  The Haunted Voice by Todd Bates tells of my journey into the paranormal, my radio career, and the birth of WLTK-DB Talk Radio. Not only does this book discuss my success, but also the trials and tribulations along the way.  For example, most do not know that I am a recovering alcoholic.  This book tells of these struggles and […]

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Mysterious Voice in Undisclosed Cemetery

Sherry and I went on an adventure one night to a local cemetery.  We found a nice quiet place to sit in the vicinity of a popular grave site and began to set up for a recording session.  After getting our devices ready, I started asking questions to our invisible friends and patiently waited for a response.  Sherry began to use her dowsing rods to communicate and was getting some […]

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New Station Shop

Get your gear... get your fresh gear here!  Come see the new station shop, built just for you!  We have many items to choose from and these are some high-quality items too! The shop is secure and integrated within the website for fast and safe service to you.  Choose from apparel, all the way to electronics!  There is the right item for everyone! You can visit the Station Shop and find some […]

todayAugust 21, 2022 33

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Official Sponsor of The Ghost Finders

We have been working very hard for you behind the scenes as of late and have some great news!  WLTK-DB Talk Radio are official sponsors of The Ghost Finders TV Show.  With our sponsorship came an amazing advertisement (see below) and we want to personally thank Heather and Rob for their amazing and professional work. We encourage you to visit their website to learn more about the cast and […]

todayAugust 14, 2022 27

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Self-Care What’s Paranormal got to do with it debuts September 2022

We are proud to announce another great show to the WLTK-DB Talk Radio line-up!  This is something we can all use, and that is Self Care.  But what does the paranormal have to do with it?  Watch/Listen each week as host Deidre Sanford takes you on a journey with yourself! More about the show Although holistic and alternative healing methods are becoming more and more mainstream; what method is right […]

todayJuly 30, 2022 33

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Moment to Moment with Lynda Hope Premiers Soon!

We proudly announce our newest show Moment to Moment, hosted by Lynda Hope.  Starting live on Tuesday, August 2nd at 7 pm CST.  This show will not only bring you joy, peace, and wellness but also educate you on all things metaphysical!  Still not sure... read on! About the show  Awaken to your Truth, that you are the “I AM Presence in harmony with the Divine.” You are Consciousness beyond […]

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Special Guests

Actress Eileen Dietz on Voices of the Dead!

Think back to the horror movies that still haunt you, that reached in and never let go. I bet, this one made the list as it is widely considered the most horrifying film ever released, and the book by William Peter Blatty is the terrifying stuff of nightmares. This week we are celebrating the upcoming 50th anniversary of “The Exorcist”. Host and Medium Kenneth Drake is joined by legendary Hollywood […]

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Special Guests

Paranorma Pete Hosts Alaskan Killer Bigfoot!

You couldn’t get enough. Let’s face it you loved them! You wanted more so Pete Orbea welcomes back the Cast of Discovery+ show the Alaskan Killer Bigfoot. Historian Jeff Davis, survival enthusiast and instructor in the Alaskan bush Ash Naderhoff and local investigators Keith Seville and DJ Brewster. Join Pete and the Alaskan Killer Bigfoot crew as they get real and discuss the vanishings, mystery and fear associated with local […]

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WLTK-DB Talk Radio mobile app

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Mobile App is Here!

We know you have been waiting and cannot thank you enough for your patience.  We are proud to announce the release of the station mobile app.  Now you can not only listen to the shows but also interact with them and the station. The app is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices!  To get your free download, just visit your app store and search WLTK-DB Talk Radio. Enjoy the […]

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