Soul & Synergy Radio comes to WLTK-DB!

todayDecember 29, 2022 45

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We are very excited to announce our newest show, Soul and Synergy radio with Terry Flick and Danny Loosemore.  This show is sure to be a hit and wraps around all things metaphysical!

More about the show

Soul and Synergy Radio is dedicated to exploring the mysteries of the universe and our place in it. Each week we will be delving into topics that are part of the metaphysical and paranormal world along with spiritual practices that help us connect with our higher selves and tap into the energy of the cosmos. Our show will feature interviews with members of the metaphysical and paranormal community, sharing their knowledge and insights with our listeners. Whether you’re new to this world or an experienced seeker, Soul and Synergy Radio has something for everyone.

More about your hosts

Terry and Danny are the owners of Soul and Synergy, LLC based in Eau Claire, Wisconsin operating a brick and mortar store along with in house Reiki and Divination services. Both are Reiki Masters with Terry focusing on Reiki and universal energies and Danny on divination such as Tarot and Runes. Terry also organizes and operates psychic fairs throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota with Meta Para Promotions, a division of Soul and Synergy. Both have a vast amount of knowledge and interest in the field and enjoy sharing that with the customers and clients they serve.

Written by: Todd Bates

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