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New Show “Twisted Ascensions” coming to WLTK-DB Talk Radio

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Coming this December to Friday nights is a show not only about paranormal research but also the hardships that come with it.  The show is well worth the wait and is hosted by Caden and Allisa Mask of Southern Ascension!  

 About the Show

Coming from a married couple who investigates all things supernatural, most people forget one side of investigating: the everyday human side. Before investigating, we had to learn everything that’s involved with cases; all the while balancing our marriage, family life, friendships, and work life. The show would bring an inside look at how our marriage works on and off cases. Spreading the knowledge we’ve learned over the years about trauma, drug abuse, dealing with gifts, protection work, and so much more! Take a dive into the world of a paranormal couple that doesn’t shy from the hard questions, but rather offers raw and unfiltered answers! Listen to the good, bad, and ugly stories of various topics and hear from other investigators, past clients, and colleagues within the field!

About the Hosts

Caden and Allisa Mask carved their own path on the supernatural many years ago in their home state Mississippi. No strangers to the unknown, the duo has devoted themselves to seeking their own personal truths and helping those who find themselves affected by forces unseen. They found their niche inside the field by being transparent, professional, and motivated to never stop learning. In doing so, they both learned that not every case involving paranormal activity was caused by some supernatural entity, but rather the mind and soul has a will of its own.

Although the two had completely different stories that brought them into the paraworld, their paths collided and have not slowed down since! Even when not in the publics eye, they still “work in the shadows.” Caden and Allisa have spent many years, studying under some of the best in the field and conducting their own methods learned from mentors in various areas. They’ve both filmed a two part documentary, Death Stalkers Paranormal, with production company Six Shooter Studios with former team. The duo has also continued to help, teach, and mentor other teams and individuals in and outside the paranormal. Caden has worked with renowned researchers within the Ufology and Cryptozoology field. With her mediumship and astral abilities, Allisa has worked on missing person, homicide, abduction cases, and has taken clients for dream-walking and astral protection.

Written by: Todd Bates

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