In Tongues we are Not Tied

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A curious thing happened to me recently. Having been part of a holistic event we were getting set for the day and gathering for the opening prayer ceremony.

One by one we stepped in, outstretched arms, grasping each other’s hands to create a sacred circle. Here we asked that we all be used for the highest good and servitude of Spirit. It was during this sacred moment I became lost in the sounds rattling louder and louder in my head, never realizing I was about to called to that task.

A chant perhaps, but certainly not in words understood to me. This felt like a language long ago forgotten, maybe never known but certainly only foreign to this moment. I felt it’s purpose and want to be called out, but I clenched my jaw tighter.

I heard little of what was spoken in the circle and was more aware of the energy transferring between several of us. Now, I have shared that working with Spirit is a majestic task that, even when you think you have come to your wholeness in your journey are shown other beautiful gifts in servitude and appreciation. This story is one of those blessings.

Once the ceremony commenced it was clear I was not the only one who was disrupted by the swift and majestic energy that entered our space. Several conversations after and I found myself sitting with a colleague, a wonderful woman with Holy anointed abilities discussing what I will call Light Language.

I was in awe of the information she poured into me both in our native tongue and in that which was primal, all of it understood. I was in deep processing most of the day, trying to understand why Spirit brought us together, why this was being presented.

The next day I understood and was humbled by Spirits ingenuity and masterful grace.

I have come to realize that Spirit will only allow us to stay in comfort for so long before they call us to again move out of the comfort level, connect and be open to how they need us to serve. Whatever scenario they are currently asking you to step into know that they do so with your growth and highest good in mind. Can you imagine if they never pushed us? I would not be who I am today, nor would you.

So, in these times where you do not understand your purpose, or you struggle with your journey allow yourself to connect with Spirit. Allow them to show you the greatness they want for you

It is time to move out of the shadow of your fear and the excuses that hold you back. Spirit needs you to connect with your soul, with humanity and shine your purest light. It’s time to be you, it’s time to be happy.

Thank you for taking time to read this blog. I am here, sending you inspiration, insight, and strength for what lies ahead in your own self-discovery and connection with Spirit. I hope somewhere between the lines of what I share and don’t fully say you find inspiration and revelations about yourself and your own journey. Please, if so, inspired leave a comment. Your feedback will help me better generate topics suited to you, the reader.

Written by: Steph

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