Like Waves We Must Crash

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In nature there is a rhythm, a constant balancing between giving and receiving. There is no opportunity to still time, freeze any one thing, or self in a stillness. It all must move; it must be allowed to give and be allowed to take. This is the balance, the energy that fuels this world.

Balance is found in all natural things, yet we deny the need for balance in our modern-day life. Allow a return of the natural flow to help keep you balanced in your journey. Transcending transition, is the moment that we surpass the grief and worry of change and allow a balance of energy to ebb and ripple like waves across the sand.

When we can move past the words and into actions that show people how ready we are to allow change, find balance and be open to opportunities we enter a new stage of our lives. This is a stage of action and brings fulfillment of self and blessings to others.

If you are ready to find your balance, you only need to connect to your higher self and allow Spirit a place of advisement. Asking both Spirit and your higher self for guidance in what you need to live a balanced life will give you perspectives into your hidden struggles and hold backs. The connection will help you understand it really is about letting go, crashing, and making space for things to flow into your life.

Thank you for taking time to read this blog. I am here, sending you inspiration, insight, and strength for what lies ahead in your own self-discovery and connection with Spirit. I hope somewhere between the lines of what I share and don’t fully say you find inspiration and revelations about yourself and your own journey. Please, if so, inspired leave a comment. Your feedback will help me better generate topics suited to you, the reader.

Written by: Steph

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