My fathers but not mine, generational healing

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How many times have you hurt yourself, the physical body? It is not uncommon for us to bump into something and cause a bruise, scuff a knee, cut ourselves in some mishap. Often when our physical body incurs these injuries it only requires limited tending and heals without scarring or medical attention.

Other times we hurt ourselves where our physical body required medical attention and the wound leaves behind evidence of its effects, such as a scar, maybe even disfigurement.

When you see a scar on a person’s body, you know it is an indication of trauma to the skin. Some try to hide their scars others display them proudly as part of their bodies story.

Wouldn’t it be something if as we are birthed into this world that we ancestrally or generationally, bore the scars of those before us? If a child was born with a stone in his knee, simply because a parent carries one in theirs? Another with a matching scar from their father because of an abuser?

Fortunately, our offspring do not bear physical markers based on injuries incurred by their ancestors. However, much like our physical body our soul carries wounds. These wounds on our soul follow us from lifetime to lifetime and from generation to generation, with no outward scars to mark its presence.

Think about it. There was no scar on my physical body that warned me of addictive tendencies, of anger issues, abuse, or abandonment but it was marked within my soul. Repetitive choices made by others outlining what I needed to recognize to heal, to grow.

What I have discovered is once I learned I had choices, when I became self-aware, when I noted why I detached or reacted, and when I gave myself permission to feel through the past and present traumas I began to heal.

Healing, just like a deep wound does not mean it is without scars, but it does mean you gave it the attention it needed, stopped the festering infection, and allowing that space to become healthy, regenerate.

When you give yourself the opportunity to heal, stop the cycle, you also open your door to communication, to reflection and to allow opportunities to set examples and foundations for others to heal. Now is the time, what do you carry that should long ago been healed?

Thank you for taking time to read this blog. I am here, sending you inspiration, insight, and strength for what lies ahead in your own self-discovery and connection with Spirit. I hope somewhere between the lines of what I share and don’t fully say you find inspiration and revelations about yourself and your own journey. Please, if so inspired leave a comment. Your feedback will help me better generate topics suited to you, the reader.

Written by: Steph

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