A guided choice or mystical mayhem

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Do you ever find yourself in a bleak, mundane, mind-numbing moment that somehow inspires deep thought out of absolute emptiness? It happens to me, probably to consistently and most recently when reflecting on our criminal justice system. I found it interesting how both the defense and prosecution assessed the jury while a clerk passed a clipboard back and forth until the right mix was ascertained. But really, it’s just a guess as prior to the scratching, adding, and substituting of individuals on to the jury they both asked a series of ridiculously petty questions, their test I suppose of each potential jurors’ morals, standings, and viewpoints.

In the empty turmoil that became my brain assessing the scenario it occurred to me what if this is how we end up with our Spirit Guides? Can you imagine, sitting as your higher self and collectively with a spiritual advisor deciding who has the qualities to help you through your next life and the scenarios you agreed too? Honestly, I find this hysterical – although I must admit my guides seem unentertained by it all.

I wondered in that moment, reflecting now on my life and the chapters passed what possible questions would I have asked my Spirit Guides to determine if they had the qualifications to be my mystic mentors? Assessing my guides and my tribulations I’m certain at least one must be a well-versed pugilist with a sailor mouth and taste for liquor. I really wonder how I ever found others to balance that out? I wonder did I pick wrong; did I misjudge their skill set? Shit, it would explain some things…kidding.

In short, I determined that everyone assigned as my ethereal bodyguards and life consultants were handpicked, right down to the Spirit Animals walking with me, and well you are no different. So, when you find yourself frustrated with the conversation remember you choose these guides to be with you in that moment for a reason. Do the work. Have the conversations. Maybe in that you will remember exactly what you agreed to and awaken the deepest sleeping part of your DNA allowing yourself a greater understanding of it all. Wisdom not simply just known but worn like armor on your skin as you step more fully into your journey.

Thank you for taking time to read this blog. I am here, sending you inspiration, insight, and strength for what lies ahead in your own self-discovery and connection with Spirit. I hope somewhere between the lines of what I share and don’t fully say you find inspiration and revelations about yourself and your own journey. Please, if so inspired leave a comment. Your feedback will help me better generate topics suited to you, the reader.

Written by: Steph

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