The Secrets that we Keep

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Secrets, I keep them, you keep them, we all keep them. They don’t have to be dark, mysterious, or menacing, they simply are something we keep inside of us that is not intended to be known to others.

Have you ever thought of why you keep these secrets? Why you want them to be unknown? I find, most of the time it is fear, self-disappointment, or the perceived shame that holds the lips shut on such revelations, but why? I was sitting recently, with a wonderful, intuitive, person who spilled out in front me the realizations of shadow work, truth, and the misconceptions our human minds have, the ones that dictate we carry the shame, fear and other emotions that revolve around our secrets.

I hadn’t really thought about it, like a chapter in a novel the secrets we don’t want dispelled only matter within their time because we are still here despite them, moving through the novel undefined by the pages already written, we are just simply explained. We are human, the moments in time, the secrets, all of them, they do not define us they just move us through life. We collect the experiences like a novel collects word, and we weave ourselves in to our present, ever-growing selves.

There is no shame, we all have experiences, and they build us into who we are, but they do not define us. Do not let these things you keep unknown because of fear or shame dictate how your story is written, how you grow. Instead, allow it to exist in its place, chapters ago and relish in the present.

So, I ask you to consider the things within your story, chapters ago that you keep. Consider all the secrets buried in your heart, causing pain, sickness, and frustrations. You have and you are moving past these things, they are but words once written, wounds now scarred over – you have the pen. How are you changing your story, the new narrative starts today!

Thank you for taking time to read this blog. I am here, sending you inspiration, insight, and strength for what lies ahead in your own self-discovery and connection with Spirit. I hope somewhere between the lines of what I share and don’t fully say you find inspiration and revelations about yourself and your own journey. Please, if so inspired leave a comment. Your feedback will help me better generate topics suited to you, the reader.

Written by: Steph

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