The Spiritual Journey

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It has happened to all of us or those who are here seeking answers. Well, this is what my expectation is and what I stubbornly assume. You are here because experiences and curiosity dictate it. Having tucked yourself into bed and having drifted fully into the arms of deep sleep you woke restless, in a room fully cloaked with darkness. The room of course is familiar, you sleep here every night but this night it feels different. The folds of darkness and corners of the room give way to shadows and mystery. Why does the room feel colder? Is it just your imagination or did the darkness just grow darker and manipulate its shape? As your heart starts to race, pounding in your chest you lean closer, squinting all the while trying to shake off the daze of deep sleep and clear your head. In the distance a noise breaks the silence of your thoughts as excitement, maybe a tinge of fear creeps in. Was it a door opening, closing? Footsteps? Your mind is now racing to try to discern the shape of the darkness and identify the validity and type of noise you heard, maybe it is then the shape becomes clearer, rising out of the darkness, you now know what you are seeing but have no rationale to justify what is transforming and revealing before you.

Now you are hooked, now you seek experiences and to explain or answer the lingering question, what goes bump in the night, or am I losing my mind? Regardless of what brought you to this point of interest in the paranormal and metaphysical world you are here because you are seeking answers. Looking for a community of like-minded individuals, eager to listen, investigate, and explain from their perspective. Unlike most topics, this is one of vast knowledge formed both in and outside of science and tangibility.

I have been there, feeling like I was crazy, searching for answers, understanding, and a community. Like you, I was drawn here but arrived full of fear. The fear came in waves of amplification for varying reasons. Judgment by others and of myself. Acknowledgment of something more and the vulnerability in the loss of control that meant to me. Failure and ridicule, even success.  I can tell you, no matter where you are in your journey of knowledge, healing, and understanding this is a vast place full of open minds, endless resources, and knowledgeable insight. We; I have come despite it all to help pave a path and make a place for you the seeker to know you are not alone. God, Spirit, and Source have a plan for us and if you are reading this know it is part of yours.  Spirit is opening doors and opportunities for you, are you ready?


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